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The news out of Iraq is utterly sickening. Years ago, I thought I'd seen the worst treatment of Americans when I saw the footage of Somalis dragging our soldiers through the streets rejoicing. I didn't think people were capable of such evil. And somehow I convinced myself I'd never have to see anything else like that again...until yesterday.

I was just listening to Dennis Prager and he said that Iraqis who are capable of such things need to be terrified of ever committing such atrocities. He said they aren't scared spitless, thus the disgusting display of ...I can't even come up with words for it. That humans would drag 4 charred American bodies through the streets and jubilantly dance because of their demise is so far beyond my comprehension. God be with those families. They weren't even soldiers, they were just contractors.

I've been thinking about my friends a great deal...surprise, surprise, I know...and it's such a strange alternate reality that they are living in now. Nick mentioned that he had seen two children blown up. His convoy has been fired at and the list goes on. That people would fire weapons with the intent to kill my friends makes me so angry; it also makes me truly believe in good and evil, and my friends are on the side of good, and I am so proud of them for that.

I could go on forever about this. I kind of already have. I'm just praying that their physical bodies are not only protected but also their minds. Being in an environment like that is not without its consequences, but I'm praying that they are guarded with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

Nick, I hope you read this...we miss you and are planning so many crazy stunts upon your return. Though we can't actually fight with you over there, we sure are in the spiritual realm over here. May God's blessings be richly upon you while you serve our great nation.


Posted by Portia at April 1, 2004 11:55 AM

I'm blown away by the men and women who so selflessly, so silently, so capably and faithfully serve our nation, and the greater cause of good for all of mankind.

GOD BLESS AND KEEP THEM for their service! We owe them a debt that can never be paid.

Posted by: Christopher at April 6, 2004 04:23 PM