Have No Fear Nick...

Well, I finally sent off a load of cds (nine to be exact) to Nick, and Tony. I feel so awful because it's taken me so long. Before Nick even left he asked me to send him copies of Stevie Wonder's music. I told him I would, and I've only just now had the time to do so (it's been two months since they've left). I know he's been dying to get them too because he mentions it to not only myself but my friends. He'll talk about how much he loves Stevie, etc and how he can't wait or hasn't gotten the cds yet. Talk about daggers right into my lazy little heart. :)

Well, I've tried to make up for it by sending a bus load of other cds as well. I won't say which ones on here because I know he frequently checks this site. I've got more coming as well. I can't wait for him to get them. I wish there were a way to make them travel faster.

I just read a headline that 6 Marines stationed near the Syrian border were killed today. If I remember correctly, that's where his battalion was to be stationed. I'm slightly worried, but confident that the Lord will keep him. I just hope he didn't lose anyone he knew (not that that makes this loss any less significant). Remember to pray for them. I'll be sending food over there asap if any want to contribute.

Stay tuned for great pics of my recent venture into the uniquely shallow world of press junkets. :)

Posted by Portia at April 17, 2004 05:03 PM