For the Boys

Do you remember reading my post asking you to pray because I felt that the recent deaths of several Marines was close to where Nick and Tony are stationed? Well, I was right. Nick called me last night to assure me that he's okay. I asked if he'd lost anyone he knew, and he said that his company hasn't taken any casualties, but some guys did get injured. He was only able to talk for 2 minutes so we tried to get in as much information as we could, making room for the 4 second delay as well.

Nick said that "insurgents" (I hate that name, let's be real..they're terrorists) blew up their mail truck. He said if I sent anything two weeks ago, it's probably gone. I can't tell you how mad I got when hearing this. Talk about destroying morale. These guys live for their mail, and we live to give it to them. I have a feeling that the elaborate scripture collage I created was blown up. Grrr.... I just feel so bad for the guys. They love getting mail.

Nick thinks he'll be home in a month. How great would that be? We've got to get hopping on setting up all of our plans for his return.

Anyhow, if you'd like to see pictures of the guys, click on my photo album "The Boys." I've also posted a whole bunch of new photos of events in the last week in the "Friends" album. Hope you enjoy. I'll write more later about the other pictures. For now, I've got to go to work.


Posted by Portia at April 20, 2004 08:49 AM