Be back soon...


I am so crunched for time right now. I'm taking on new clients right now (goodness knows why) so I'm desperately trying to find time for myself and what I need to accomplish in my own time (aka organizing my room:)

I will write tonight about the latest coming out of Iraq and other musings of mine.

Beacon is on tomorrow for those who are still somewhat unsure. We haven't had it for two weeks now--seems like forever--because of Good Friday and the Salvador concert. But we're back on track now. Please come and bring friends if possible. We really need to start rallying people to the service; we need to pick up and keep the momentum going.

I'm excited. I feel like I haven't seen all the Beacon people in well...two weeks! :) It'll be great. We're doing really good songs tomorrow too. Hope you come.

Love you all!

Posted by Portia at April 22, 2004 01:30 PM

Hey Chica! Well since you say I never post any comments, I am posting one now so you better be beaming right now! :o) I am excited for Beacon tomorrow to cause I feel like I haven't gotten to hang out with everyone in forever! See you then! Love ya!

Posted by: Kristin at April 22, 2004 03:35 PM