Long way home

As I write this, Nick is on his way home. All I can say is, Thank you, Jesus. It will take him a little over a week to get back here, but the point is, he's on his way. What a tremendous relief. Though I'm not sure I'll know what to write about once he's back in the States. (I'll work it out, I'm sure.) :)

Tony is doing well. He's just been made the Platoon guide. Apparently, he's in charge of the platoon in an administrative manner. I'm not sure how it all works. Sounds like a big deal, however. Nick said that the Sgt. in charge really needed help, so he promoted Tony. Nick said that this promotion means he's mostly out of harm's way. Also a relief.

This news puts all of us in much better spirits. Listening to Keith Urban sing "Somebody Like You" is also really helping. (Love him!)

I'm feeling the time crunch in preparing for Europe, however.

I've got to send in my check for the remainder of the cost of my C.S. Lewis program. That will be a strange feeling, watching all the finances I've saved for months disappear within seconds. The experience will last a lifetime, and that's what matters. I think vacations are a great investment in yourself. I will be saving for them every year from now on. You should too.

Well, I've gotta get some things taken care of and get going to make more money to spend in Italy. :) So excited, but very nervous about things all coming together. They will, I know it.

Posted by Portia at May 18, 2004 01:13 PM

Emily, lets plan a vacation for next year! What do you think?!?

Posted by: Kristin at May 18, 2004 01:32 PM