I have been blessed

I have been blessed with great brothers, wonderful friends and perfect events to show them all off. This last weekend was so busy, yet so much fun. Saturday, we all went to a wedding followed by a great reception. We danced until just before midnight. This is one picture from the night (my brothers were pulling a Chris Kattan and Jim Carrey on me...see photo album for more details.) I've got the rest under my new photo album "Misc Events."

I'll have others of Nick's Homecoming Party in there as well. I will be posting some updates on my life, trip planning and my thoughts on President Reagan. Just a preview: he was one of the greatest role models and icons in my life. A little piece of my heart feels lost with him gone. I will write in more details later.

Right now, it's nearing 2 am, and I am seriously considering driving to his library to pay my respects. But then I need to be coherent for a city council meeting at 10 am, in which I plan on graciously articulating my fierce opposition to the ACLU's latest attempt to wipe Christianity off of the planet. What's a girl to do?

Check in later for more. :)

Posted by Portia at June 8, 2004 01:43 AM