Tilt, Tilt

ScrewtapeMy mind is nearing complete overload right now. I've been reading non-stop for two and a half hours. I'm done with Screwtape Letters, I'm just sifting through Screwtape Proposes a Toast and an article Dr. Markos wrote about it.

Next, I'm going to be studying Italian for another solid two hours now that my dear travel-mate Rachael told some poeple helping us that it would be fine if we stayed in a home that didn't speak English because "Emily speaks Italian." :) Great, one more thing to add to the list being input into Emily's not too huge brain :)

I'm getting through just fine and rather enjoying it. Rach and I are getting together this evening to finish booking accomodations and flights in and out of Italy. As soon as that is all settled, I will write about the amazing things God has done for the two of us in planning this trip. I'm just anxious to get on the plane.

Posted by Portia at June 17, 2004 12:39 PM