Pressing Deadlines

I leave in just over 7 days for what, from all appearances, is looking like the trip of a lifetime. Basically everything is done in terms of lodging (we just have to pay our balances in cash upon arrival) and trains (we paid nearly $400 for three train rides, including a $30 shipping is expensive, that's all I've gotta say). Now we've gotta figure out various fly aways and bus services when we get there. We've also got to nail down lodging in London for a few nights when we get back from Italy. The liason for my program is working on getting us a room at Oxford, which would be great because I wouldn't have to go anywhere else prior to my seminar.

So, here are a few pictures: This is where we're staying the first three nights in Rome. It's in a 15 century building!! How amazing is that?!
Here's the inside. They didn't have bigger pictures, but we'll upload some when we get there.

Our last night in Rome, we are staying somewhere slightly closer to the train tracks so we can book it to the airport with fewer delays. This is it.
I'll have pictures of Oxford and things soon. I will be updating my blog from Italy and England, so make sure to check it and post comments. Oh, I will also be receiving email, so please drop me a line, so to speak. I'd love to get stuff in my inbox so I don't feel like my trip to an internet cafe was a waste.

I'll post more later. For now, I've got to get back to reading more Lewis (5 books to go, or something insane like that) and more packing preparation (to be discussed in more detail later).

Until then,

Posted by Portia at July 5, 2004 11:18 AM