Some pics to tide you over

This is me and Rachael at a Vivaldi "Four Seasons" concert at Chiesa San Vidal in Venice. It was the most wonderful and inspiring part of our entire trip, hands down. We had been to a million churches and didn't feel a thing spiritually, but the minute they started playing, we were near tears. What a memory.

Here's a close up of this shot. So much fun. We were literally speechless afterward. That was a great night. I highly recommend Venice.

LoL. Here's an artsy picture Rach took at the upper garden at Palazzo Pitty, a highly overrated palace in our opinion :-) (Actually it really wasn't as amazing as others, but seeing the south side of Florence from a garden is something else.

Well I haven't had the time or money to upload images from Rome, though to be honest, it wasn't nearly as picturesque as the other cities. It was amazingly historical, but we were so tired, sweaty and haggard looking that, well, photoshop might be essential prior to public viewing :) I took some great black and whites of Rome. I can't wait to get them developed. In the meantime...(click on link)

Rachael and I are officially separated right now. She left not one hour ago on a train for Stratford-Upon-Avon. I'd have to say, that although the parting was rushed, it was actually really difficult to say bye. I got really emotional after she left. Now I'm by myself in a foreign country. New experience, definitely. But this is probably THE place I've always wanted to go and I am so excited to be here. I just took a long stroll through the city and I am simply in awe. I've been somewhat skiddish to ask people for help mostly because I'm so intimdated by the city itself. I feel slightly insignificant. But overwhelmed at the fact that I'm here, finally.

I cannot wait for my program to start, to study Lewis in his "natural habitat". That's a little discovery channel lingo thrown in there just for Davide. :) {We miss you, Davide, by the way. Hope you're having a blast in Wales!}

Oh, did I mention that Rachael and I had lunch at The Eagle and the Child?!?! It's the pub that Lewis, Tolkein, Williams and others met to read aloud and critique each other's work. I think I already mentioned that in my last post. Anyhow, we sat right where they did and had lunch. That was truly amazing. I think I'll go back there most of my free time and just read. How cliche am I? Well, I've gotta sign off now. Hope you're all well. Wish you were here to see all the things I have.


Posted by Portia at July 30, 2004 08:25 AM

I was so disappointed to miss your phone call around 1:30--dad and I were having lunch with Danny & Mary Leon (who both say hi and will be praying for the last leg of your trip). It was good talking to you this morning, though...hope all is well at your hotel. Can't wait for you to start your Lewis classes, and hope you'll have time to post about it. Love the pictures of you and Rachael in Venice!

Posted by: Mutti at July 30, 2004 02:01 PM

Hi Em,

This is the third message I've tried (I don't think the first messages were successful); the first one I tried some Italian on you, bonjourno, mange macaroni! I'm so glad you are having a wonderful, wonderful trip and pray you will get home safely and grow spiritually in England.

I loved seeing all your pictures and your messages. Call me when you get home.

Love, Nanny (I dictated this to your mom:)

Posted by: Nanny at July 31, 2004 11:36 AM