I have a new hero

I have heard rumors of a great man. I know he's appeared on several of my favorite political talk shows, both radio and television. I've just happened to miss every single one of them. I know he's written a new book, which I now am more than intent on getting. But I've never heard this man speak, witnessed his passion for his family and his country, until now. I've just seen the footage of a speech he gave at the Republican National Convention, the convention belonging to the party not his own. Yes, you guessed it, the newest member to join "Emily's Heroes" is Senator Zell Miller, D-GA. That's right, I'm a huge fan of a democratic senator.

I don't have much time to write about the exploits of Senator Miller, but he is a good man if there ever was one, and a great orator. If you haven't seen his speech yet, you must by going to Fox News and pulling it up. I was teary eyed and inspired the entire time. This man is a true American and I only hope others in his party follow his lead.

Keep watching the RNC. Tonight our Commander-in-Chief gives his address...it's "must-see TV." :)


Posted by Portia at September 2, 2004 10:00 AM