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Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Boy has my schedule been crazy. Anyhow, here's an update of the exciting things that have happened in the last few days.

1. We have a senior pastor now. After having been through a year of transition from the sudden loss of Pastor Scott, Jim Tolle has been officially made our pastor. I love the Tolles, and I am excited to see how the Lord uses them in this new position. We're in for a great ride.

2. Tony is finally home. It is such a relief knowing that he's back in California and completely out of harm's way. It's strange to read the news about the latest in the Middle East and know that I don't have to worry for his life anymore. Chances are, he may have to go to Afganistan in May, but he's hoping to get out of that tour. Pray for that, if you can.

3. I went to the Hollywood Bowl last night and saw the "Lord of the Rings" symphony. It was amazing, spare one broadway singer. I had a lovely time.

I'm still recovering from having 2 1/2 hours of sleep on Monday night and only 6 last night. So, my posts probably won't be diving the depths of politics and religion for some time :) Hope all are well, Emily

Posted by Portia at September 22, 2004 09:32 AM

Who was the "spare one Broadway singer"?

Posted by: Christopher at September 22, 2004 01:22 PM

Some chick who was Belle on Broadway. She could only hold a note when she was really projecting. She couldn't hold it when in falsetto or when singing a bit softer. It was really excrutiating!

Posted by: Jon at September 22, 2004 04:29 PM

It was Susan Egan. She was truly horrible, but you could tell it was just not her genre. I'm sure she's great on Broadway, so she should stick with her day job.

P.S. Christopher: "I truly appreciate" the fact that you commented on the most trivial piece of information in the entire post. To quote someone else: "It really glorified God." :P :)

Posted by: Emily at September 23, 2004 12:19 AM

"And that's why they're going to hell," to also quote "someone else".

Posted by: Jon at September 23, 2004 01:30 PM