He says, he says

I've just begun watching the debates, and I must pause simply to reflect my thoughts at this juncture. To begin with, the Kerry camp make-up artist did a fine job on JFK. He seems to have lost the Christina Aguilara/Charlize Theron spray tan mishap look, but still seems slightly jaundiced. But better, nonetheless.

I appreciate how, so far, each candidate has stayed within the time limits. This seems to be a first, and I'm glad they're conducting themselves so professionally. (But again, I haven't seen the whole thing.)

However, I find myself completely baffled time and time again each time Sen. Kerry opens his mouth. I'm astounded at the inconsistencies and flat out lies that he proports. I know this should not be a surprise, being that his nickname is "Flipper" as he cannot take a stand on a single issue, but I'm still in awe, you could say. I became the most flabbergasted when he said to our troops, "Help is on the way." I am so sorry....what?!?! This coming from a man who voted against the help that President Bush was trying to send. I don't understand how you can say, in front of millions of people, that you are going to help our troops, when clearly your track record shows you've voted against every measure to do so!

His claim that families had to buy body armor for their serviceman was such a load of hooey. This man, again, voted against sending aid to our troops and then claims that our President is depriving them of such. Oh, the agony.

I wish President Bush would have pounded him a bit more for those inconsistencies. I'm glad he finally did say something about the $87B, but it should be repeated over and over again just for clarity.

Though I shouldn't be, I'm still in awe of Kerry's blatant lies. It's nearly comical that he actually continues telling them thinking that no one is going to find out. He reminds me of a little boy who thinks if he closes his eyes, no one can see him.

Posted by Portia at October 1, 2004 10:08 AM