I don't expect too many have heard about this, and that's for a good reason. The mainstream media refuse to report on it because the offenses are against Republicans. Yet one more piece of evidence among the slew that supports our constant cry that the media is biased. Well, in case you haven't heard about the character of many Kerry supporters, please read the following articles. At least peruse so that you have some ammo against those who say we're the fascists. What a joke. For your reading pleasure....

The AFL CIO carried out a systematic attack on several Bush-Cheney headquaters including this one in Orlando. They painted swastikas and Hitler mustaches on the Bush posters.

In Gainesville, Florida, another attack was made on Bush-Cheney headquarters.

In Miami, more mobsters from the AFL CIO injured Bush campaign volunteers and vandalized the office. I believe the latest report indicated that one volunteer was pushed so hard it broke their arm.

In Tampa, more Bush volunteers, including one elderly woman, were intimidated by Kerry supporters as they ransacked this office as well. And the media?...still MIA apparently.

In Knoxville, TN, shots were fired into a campaign office after hours. Thank God no one was injured, and this one actually made it onto USA Today, though they never referenced the other attacks.

In Madison, Wis., a Nazi swastika was burned into the lawn of a homeowner who had a Bush-Cheney sign in his yard.

In Deluth, teenagers confessed to vandalizing a man's Bush-Cheney yard signs. At least they confessed.

And, in Wisconsin, another group of unruly Democrats disrupted and intimidated workers at a Bush-Cheney office.

And today, in Spokane, another office was vandalized.

Where is Katie Couric and Michael Moore and Sean Penn and the rest of the hypocritical left screaming about injustices? That's right, I forgot, they're too caught up spinning these and covering them up. Silly me.

Posted by Portia at October 11, 2004 02:11 PM