Grateful Allies

For those who desire to be good citizens, it is imperative to become informed about the domestic and foreign issues that affect our nation and world. In order that one might obtain accurate information of the goings on in our world, I've started a short list (on the left) of intellectual, honest, thoughful websites that one might visit to seek out such knowledge. It is still a work in progress, and new sites will be added when I am able to review them.

One great site to get information not reported in the mainstream media is Little Green Footballs. This blog has become highly influential in the dissemination of information damning to liberals and the Kerry camp (again, information not found on ABC, CBS et al). LGF just posted about the latest paper to endorse Bush for president. That paper is the Jewish Press. This is a highly significant endorsement for Bush, and a well-deserved one as well. His support for Israel has been unwavering, and the Jews in this country recognize that. Here are some exerpts of their editorial. I highly recommend you read it in full, however.

It was George W. Bush’s lot to have been elected president at a time when two defining developments were at work, fundamentally changing the world landscape. The European Union’s burgeoning determination to fill the international political void created by the collapse of the Soviet Union was one. And the unprecedented challenges presented by an international terror crusade on the move —underscored eight months into Mr. Bush’s presidency by 9/11 — was the other.

Both these developments required — and will continue to require — leadership not rooted in outdated geopolitical thinking; leadership cognizant of the reality that our ostensible friends do not necessarily share our interest in a strong United States and that our enemies do not risk as much as we do from confrontations gone seriously bad.

With this in mind, the choice Americans must make on November 2 should be an easy one. One can prattle about the significance of this or that difference between President Bush and Senator Kerry on the environment, Social Security, jobs, taxes and a whole slew of other domestic issues. But that avenue ineluctably ends up as a clash of partisan talking points about inherently insoluble problems. When it comes, however, to the war on terror — the overarching issue of our time — the choice of Mr. Bush over Mr. Kerry is a clear one from everything available in the public record. And for those with a special interest in Israel, the choice is even clearer.

They conclude...

To our mind, based on their own statements, the imperative of responding to the worldwide terrorist threat, and the particular targeting of Israel, the choice this year is George W. Bush over John F. Kerry.

And this is not even to address Mr. Kerry’s shameful creating, out of whole cloth, politically motivated scares over a reinstatement of the military draft and a reduction in Social Security benefits. Mr. Kerry’s assertions are totally without foundation, and they put his credibility further into question. He should be ashamed of himself.

All things considered, we all will be better off with George W. Bush as president for the next four years.

Posted by Portia at October 21, 2004 07:05 PM