Looking Good So Far

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It looks good. If Bush bags Florida, Ohio, and the other states that are projecting a victory for him (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan so far), that will put him well over 270 electoral votes. Keep praying, and don't stop once it's over because Kerry and his band of thug brothers also known as attorneys, are waiting with baited breath to stall the entire process, but the Supreme Court has just made a statement saying they refuse to hear appeals, which looks good for us. But who knows. Again, going back to the finger crossing, I'm hoping for another 4 years.

Electoral Projection; 270 needed to win Last Updated: 10:53PM ET

BUSH: 195

KERRY: 133

Popular Vote 46% of Precincts Reporting (AP)
George W. Bush 51% 29,714,094
John Kerry 48% 27,777,818

Posted by Portia at November 2, 2004 08:07 PM