There is an error in my post about the teacher who was reprimanded and kept from teaching his class from the Declaration of Independence. Zach was the first to point this out to me this morning (thank you, Zach), and he was absolutely right. I wrote that the teacher was fired. This is not true. He was simply kept from using one of our founding documents as material from which to teach.  Still just as absurd.

I had gotten this story confused with the story of a teacher who was kicked out of her school's building because she had a display of the US presidents. Naturally, a picture of our sitting president was included, and parents complained. The vice-principle demanded she either remove the picture of President Bush or at least include a picture of John Kerry. The teacher refused on the grounds that  it was a bulletin board profiling American presidents; it was historical, not political, therefore including a picture of John Kerry would be ridiculous.

I love how the left calls the right fascists, but it's the left that is trying to derail our freedom of speech and just plain freedom to teach history and current events. Really, they're doing such a disservice to the future generation by preventing them from knowing our heritage. But maybe that's the intention...the continued dumbing down of our kids. Dumb people do make great followers.

Posted by Portia at December 6, 2004 11:46 PM

Who calls the right fascists? The Bush adminstration is fascist Emily and I know you made that reference based on our recent conversations and instead of remembering who specifically i accused as being fascist you assumed that i and others on the left consider the "right" in general fascist. Incorrect.


Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at December 7, 2004 12:17 AM

Dear Zach,
Not everything is about you. :p I know that you've referred to President Bush's administration as fascist. But I've also taken my post from my experience reading and listening to other liberals, because they are plenty in this blue state. But let's just handle your rebuttal Aristotelian style, shall we?

The Bush administration is fascists.
President Bush has been elected by 60 Million people who support him.
Those voters therefore support fascism.
Therefore, those voters (aka, the right) must be fascists too.

After all, we don't just call Hitler a fascist, we call the Nazi's fascists too. Right?

Posted by: Emily at December 7, 2004 09:19 AM