Real Persecution

A Christian pastor in China has been arrested. His wife and children, believed to be one of the targets of the raid that arrested the pastor, were able to flee before the police arrived. The Chinese Gov't has been even more aggressive in their persecution of Christians. They've even gone so far as to launch a new propoganda campaign using media outlets to circulate their lies (apparently the left in China isn't too different from our papers). Here's an excerpt: (source: Voice of the Martyrs)

His arrest comes in the midst of a serious crackdown on China’s house churches. In addition to a generally worsening situation and increased arrests, it is reported that there is now a disinformation campaign, similar to that used against the Falun Gong before the major crackdown against them. In recent weeks, the Chinese government has launched an international media propaganda campaign. It was reflected from articles both in an overseas pro-China website called DUOWEI news and the New York Times. The articles portrayed house churches as secret religious fanatics who even commit murder in the fight for new membership.

It is believed that the Chinese government purposely provided misleading and untrue information to these news outlets by linking the house church with a criminal group disguised as religion called Eastern Lightning.

On the topic of hatred toward Christians, here's an interesting read. (Hat tip: Jihadwatch) It's a website called Play & Learn that teaches the Moral Values and Teachings of the Qu'ran. There is a specific section dedicated to informing Muslims that there should be no love toward unbelievers. Hollywood's kidding itself if it thinks that by pandering to this belief system, they might find an ally. Islam will use you to gain access where needed, then it sells you out because it has to: you are not a believer, you're an infidel. Prime Example: France. The poor frogs are now scared because they've been so permissive with Islam that now they're beginning to be a bit overrun with them and terrorist activities and "honor killings" have now begun bubbling up in various parts of the country. They thought by treating the bully nicely, they'd have a defender. Nope.

Posted by Portia at December 17, 2004 10:04 AM