I am OFF the Charts!

Does anyone know anything about the website or logic behind BlogShares? Someone accessed my site by searching my URL through this tracking site, and I'm so lost as to what it all means. Apparently, my valuation (whatever that is) is at $1,946.94. Am I supposed to be making money off of this blog venture, 'cause if I am, shoot, where's my check? :) Appreciate any info, or any random thoughts as well.

Oh, and if anyone wants in on being a shareholder with my site, you'd better hurry. I mean, look at me...I'm through the roof! You can make checks out to Portia and I'll give you an address. :)


Posted by Portia at December 18, 2004 03:42 PM

i have been playing on blogshares for over a year now it is a fantsay stock market for weblogs the value of blogs is bases on incoming links . it is a fun yet addicting game / which has made it possible for people to also find new blogs .

Posted by: matt williams at December 18, 2004 11:11 PM