I'm just trying to "reach out"

I've gotten a number of complaints recently that my posts have not been partisan enough. Ironically, most of those complaints (spare a few) have come from my liberal readership. My apologies for offending any of you by being too neutral. This is a mistake I will gladly not replicate.

My reasons for diminishing partisanship are a few. First, it's Christmastime, and somehow, "The War for Oil" doesn't seem like anything I'd be interested in diving into compared to the joys of my favorite holiday. Second, I've been basking in the sun of American capitalism in the last few days; some might call this "Christmas shopping." I call it giving my economy a shot in the arm. Due to my capitalistic endeavors, I have had limited time for the decidedly non-capitalistic activity of blogging. Apologies, again. Third, I've been taking the liberals' advice and I've been "reaching out" in my posts, but apparently this isn't as entertaining, so I'll do away with it and get back to the usual Liberalism-is-destroying-my-country schpiel (or however you spell that one).

So, now for something quite neoconish: Oil prices are dropping, so finally that blasted "war for oil" is paying off! It's about time. I guess knocking down all those Iraqi doors and killing innocent women and children is finally amounting to a kick back for my little pocket book. {If you don't know me, please know I'm being unbelievably tongue-in-cheek right now.}

I'm still researching the facts behind our initial reasons for going to war. If indeed we did know that Iraq had no WMD or capability of making such, I will be quite upset. However, I still support us being there. Our reasons might have been wrong in going (but they also might be right), but we've removed a terrible dictator and we just might facilitate the first working democracy in the Middle East, spare Israel. For that reason alone, we must not retreat and we cannot relent in our pursuit to secure the safety and liberty of every Iraqi citizen. To lose this fight would be far more disastrous than the invasion of their country. We've got to stick it out and see radical change in that heavily Islamic part of the world.

I've got loads more to say about Islam, but for now I'm retreating to a happier place. Three more days till Christmas!! Oh, and wish every employee and person you know a "Merry Christmas." Screw this "Happy Holidays" nonsense. That means as much as voting for Nader. Say "Merry Christmas," or if you want to be over the top, sing something from Handel's "Messiah."

Posted by Portia at December 22, 2004 02:05 AM