A Little Perspective

Keeping the proper perspective on the "persecution" of Christians in the United States, here's an excellent article by Michelle Malkin. I've discussed this a number of times, that we aren't "persecuted" here, just discriminated against. Though we don't suffer trials like those in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, it is still imperative that we don't let what's going on here escalate because, God forbid it actually becomes persecution. So, while it's important to understand the true sufferings of Christians around the world, it doesn't mean we give up fighting discrimination here. History has shown that remaining silent in such situation is the greatest folly. See 2 posts prior to this for reference.

Posted by Portia at December 23, 2004 01:54 PM

I think gift-giving is nice, but I think Christians should also take a moment on Christmas to think about Christ's teachings of peace, love, charity, and turning the other cheek. It seems that for most Christians in the U.S. these have taken on a rather Machiavellian meaning that Christ would have deplored. I.e. if you flatten cities containing muslims you suspect of violence, that's equivalent to turning the other cheek. If you cut Social Security and that makes people save more, that's the same as charity. If you force women to bear children, that's the same as love. If you threaten countries with nuclear holocaust, that's the same as peace.

Christianity has a lot of nice ideas, and Christmas should be a time for thinking about them, rather than indulging in hypocrisy.

Posted by: Ziggy at December 24, 2004 08:14 AM

"Most Christians in the U.S. have taken on a rather Machiavellian meaning that Christ would have deplored."

By "most" do you actually mean "most"? How many Christians do you know personally? Your examples are cutting a wide swath of generalities and hyperbole. How many Muslim cities have been "flattened", who has cut Social Security and please, oh please, tell me WHO is "forcing women to bear children"?

Sorry, but your deep resentment toward anything Christian is clouding intelligent argument here.

Posted by: Dee at December 24, 2004 01:14 PM