AP miraculously ran a headline first leaked in the blogosphere about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and other parts of the world. However, AP couldn't just report, they had to qualify. The first sentence of the article is as follows:

"A rise in the number of Muslims in Western Europe, many of them poor and uneducated, is contributing to an increase in deeply rooted anti-Semitism there, the State Department said in a report to Congress."

It's not because the Muslim religion teaches hatred of Jews, it's because they're "poor and uneducated" that they hate the Jews. {Oh, now I see.} I laughed out loud when I read the first sentence. That's bad journalism, really. My teacher would have given me at least a "C" for that one. But it's AP, they can do whatever they want, right?

For what it's worth, it is a good article. I commend Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos for pushing the State Department to research and release a report. It's important that we know the trends now so we can stop them before history repeats itself.

Posted by Portia at January 4, 2005 09:14 PM

saint augustin said in "civitas dei" that "pax est opus iustitia" - peace is a product of justice.

maybe neonazism came from people o suffered injustice because of the sistem, e.g., globalization, exclusion - witch, in europe it's regarded as a consequence of the association between jews and american administration and the wars that they provoque to make the barrel of oil become more and more expensive, and americans bennefict of the fact - because they could be carefull with wars in that regions.

our ecconomics sucks - €1.3 1 liter of gasoline...

no jobbs...

no growth of economy...

problems with imigrants...

(sorry for my very bad english - if you get to understand it correct it please)


Posted by: antonio miguel de moraes e castro at September 20, 2005 07:50 PM

Hi Miguel,

I'm glad to know that someone in Portugal read my blog.

First of all, anti-Semitism or neo-Nazism comes from a hatred of the Jewish people. It can often stem from conspiracy theories, such as Jews and Americans running the world, but Nazism stems not from injustice, but from hatred. Hitler was not a product of a system. He hated Jews. Nothing could ever have justified what he and his SS did to innocent Jews, Christians, homosexuals, minorities, handicapped individuals, etc.

Nazism stems from the desire to have a pure, white (blonde haired, blue eyed) race. That's it.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Posted by: Portia at September 20, 2005 08:08 PM

I'm new to this forum. really don't know wat the purpose is and wat has alreayd gotten talked.
just wanted to say. its not just muslims that hate jews. many europeans and north americans also hate them. just search arian nations on the net.
some of them even believ that they should unite with the muslim against jews

Posted by: Kiyumars at November 23, 2005 11:52 PM