Necessary Follow-up

Yesterday I said a headline ran on Drudge about a teenage boy being charged in his girlfriend's "miscarriage." Well, the story is that a 16-year-old boy wanted to help his girlfriend get rid of her baby, so he repeatedly hit her in the stomach with a baseball bat over a period of time, eventually killing the baby. The prosecutor can only charge the boy, though the girl was a more than willing accomplice, because the law in that county prevents the mother of the child from being charged since the fetus was still young enough to be legally aborted.

This is more than repulsive and brings to light more problems with the law regarding the protection of life in vitro. At the most, the boy will only stay in prison until he's 21. I hope he has loads of fun in there with the other juvies. The girl gets off scott free. And the baby? Never had a chance. Some justice.

Posted by Portia at January 5, 2005 12:35 PM