Another Epiphany

Spending close to three hours a day in the car gives one a great deal of time to think about life, world events, and of course, the hypocrisy of the left. Michael Medved had Mary Eberstadt on his show today. Mary has just written a book called Home Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs, and other Parent Substitutes.  She had many interesting talking points. I'll discuss two.

First, she related the problem of obesity among this generation and attributed part of that problem to guilt ridden parents. She said that quite often, parents who feel bad because they can't be with a child all the time will give them extra cookies, or parents who know their child doesn't enjoy his packed lunch will throw in some candy or some other sweet to make up for it. Consequently, this has taught us that whenever we don't like a situation or we feel neglected or lonely, we should eat bad food. I thought that was fascinating.

Secondly, she discussed the increase in behavioral drug usage (a 700% increase in the last 10 years) and attributed that to the institutionalizing of children--meaning, parents who aren't with their kids all the time leave them with day care workers who can't handle tantrums and recommend the child go on Ritalin because it helped Bobby over there...he never cries uncontrollably anymore. She said it isn't possible that in the last 10 years we've seen a 700% increase in behavioral problems, but that children are written prescriptions so quickly because it's quick fix for the institutions they are left with and is easier than parenting them all the time.

She did acknowledge that many mothers have to work, that many families have to be dual income, and that often it can work just fine, but she did want to raise the awareness of certain problems she sees in the upcoming generation. (STD's in teens was another big one. She said that 90% of teens interviewed about where they have sex all say at their house or their boyfriend/girlfriend's house. Which means, parents aren't there and are likely contributing to their child's psychological and future health problems.)

On air, Ms. Eberstadt sounding very calm and considerate of both sides. However, the left, particularly feminists, are giving this woman the hardest time because they say she "guilt trips" working mothers. {Click on the link above to read the terribly biased review of her book by the Washington Post.} First of all, what's to be guilty of if she's wrong? Secondly, though we all know that's a great tactic for shutting down a dialogue, Eberstadt still maintains that while there are many different circumstances out there, latch key kids are still a problem.

And it occurred to me, as I have plenty of time to think, that these feminists would rather let children become more and more messed up because admitting they're wrong would be equivalent to Chinese water torture. They would rather cling more tightly to their ideas (though they are more frequently proven wrong) than actually let go of them and help others, particularly children who desperately need it. Way to go fems!! Working for that greater good again. May you live long enough to see the fruit of what you've sown.

This is a loaded topic, and I'll most likely develop more thoughts on it and blog them later. And by later, I mean, after this quarter, so don't hold your breath.

Posted by Portia at January 6, 2005 01:45 PM