Memorializing Pope John Paul II

What a team. Heaven's Gain, Our Loss.


I have been pondering what things I could contribute to the wave of accolades said of the dear, late Pope John Paul II, but I have come to the conclusion that, 1. I am not a Catholic and therefore probably shouldn't be so presumptuous to speak of someone who was far more significant to far more people than myself, and 2. I could nowhere near match the beauty and eloquence of so many who have already memorialized him in writing. Basically, whatever could be said has been said by countless others who are far more involved and far more articulate. Therefore, I will refer you to those people who are more qualified to laud the legacy of a truly magnificent man.

The first person I must send you to is Peggy Noonan. She being Reagan's former speech writer possesses bard-like qualities I could only dream of attaining one day. She writes about the Pope's influence in destroying the evils of communism. Brilliant piece. I hope as you read you are able to reflect on the impact one life can make when fully committed to God and the service of mankind.

The other forum I must send you to is The Weekly Standard. There are so many articles on the Pope that I thought it best just to send you directly there so you can choose which to peruse and which to save for later. (I am preferential toward Hugh Hewitt, just FYI.) I will expect a 1,000 word reflection from all of you! :)

Once again, pray for Italy as the funeral is in but a few hours. Pray for security, for the strength of those who are organizing and facilitating the event (i.e. every human in the Vatican City), and pray that the impact of his life and death is lasting and heard 'round the world.

Posted by Portia at April 7, 2005 11:12 PM