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It's been far too long since I've blogged a political thought. For those waiting with baited breath, here ya go!

This could very well be a hoax, but I think it's still a great laugh.
In the email I received, it said that apparently, since most Syrians don't speak English, they out source the translations for their protest signs. Oops. :) If it ain't true, someone obviously had a little too much fun with their photo shop.

Update: the typo in the caption isn't mine and I can't figure out how to correct it. :) Oh well.

Posted by Portia at April 27, 2005 10:16 PM

The signs are fake and it is classless to make fun of a group of people who you know nothing about, especially their struggles and hardship. Whatchu know about being Islamic and dealing with being bombed by Americans? No more then I do which is why I keep my mouth shut when it comes to assuming they don't have legitimate issues with the U.S. You should add that picture you sent me of your clique mocking Arabs. Im sure it'll give your readers an added level of respect for your compassionate conservatism.

Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at May 4, 2005 07:09 PM

Someone had a little too much time on their hands today, I see. :)

I don't know where to begin with you, as usual, though I must say I'm more than relieved that you still read my site. You need to be getting the truth somewhere. ;-)

First of all, I'm glad you want to see films that expose religious fanatics. The Muslims of the Crusades would be such a group. They began the Crusades, my dear Watson. You can find that out in an unrevised history book. You want to talk about Imperialism. Let's look at Islam which has been vying for control of Europe since Islam's inception. I'm not making this up.

Secondly, and this is very important, please give me one good example of where people are killed in the name of Chrisitianity? I don't think you can, because no one is being killed in the name of Jesus anywhere on this planet. On the contrary, Christians in Rwanda, the Sudan and plenty of other Christians in Islamic and Communist countries are murdered every day by brutal regimes. Please don't make ridiculous and emotional assertions that you cannot back up. It's just plain irresponsible, and I belong to the party of personal responsibility, as you well know. :)

That's about all I can manage at the end of a long day.

Posted by: Emily at May 4, 2005 08:41 PM


This country (U.S.) and Europe is dominated by Christian ideology. Bush tells us what we need to do to "defeat" evil and uses god in every single phrase. He's a religious finatic, anybody is who uses the term god as being an element in politicol decisions. Sorry but we are bombing innocent people all over the middle east in the name of both Christianity and Judaism, I know that's a little too deep for you. Just because you want us to be the good guys doesn't mean we are. Irresponsible? Personal responsibility? That's interesting coming from you who can't make a single argument to defend Bush's long term business and politicol ties with Kenneth Lay, Roger Smith and Tom Delay. There is absolutely nothing responsible about the republican party and you are in denial about the people your president has long term ties with. Figure it out Emily , all of his boys are being indited for financial fraud. His press representatives have been charged with manipulating information (Chris Stevens)AND all of the officials who he assigned to Iraq are being charged with defrauding the Iraqi reconstruction funds. There is nearly 100 million dollars missing and the men being charged were put in place by Bush and Delay. But I guess a track record of working with scandalous people doesn't matter. How about takeing that racist and distasteful picture off your site.

Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at May 5, 2005 01:23 PM

Zach, it's more than wishful thinking to assert that your arguments are "too deep" for me. On the contrary, they're without base, underdeveloped and far too false for me. No one on the planet is being killed in the name of Jesus. No one. Christians are being martyred every day in the name of Allah, not one is being killed (decapitated, stoned, killed by acid, raped) in the name of Jesus. End of story.

As for everything else, I don't have time to dispell all the half-truths you believe. That's your own job, not mine. Beside that, it would take me too long to address all of your non sequiturs. I have a life.

And the picture is staying, even more so now that I know it drives you crazy. "Distasteful" is a funny word coming from someone who greatly reveres Eminem and Nas.

Posted by: Emily at May 5, 2005 08:24 PM

How about this: I've said this before, all our current president would have to do right now to get the attention off the huge decisions he has to make, is start some scandal in the white his with the girl that brings him his coffee. But, he is a respectable man, a good man and deals with the effects of his decisions. And we all get to see them, without him making a joke out of the office, like the former.

Would it REALLY be possible, just think for a MINUTE for one president to make EVERYONE happy? Would you want any of the decisions he has to make on a daily basis? Especially when he has to deal with all the opinions of armchair warriors that could do it better? Or want their belief system supported, etc? Theres no way. Not one person is EVERY happy with their situation, in all areas of their life.

As for getting after Emily about the picture she posted poking fun, etc. I agree with Emily on a great point. How respectful is some of the music (Eminem, etc) to women in general? How edifying are the lyrics? Are the constructive to women in a positive manner? Or are they considered art because he can find a witty way to make words rhyme with sexually descriptive references? Are these artists doing anything good by perpetuating a "woman as objects" mentality to young listeners? They have a big responsibility on their shoulders, and their abusing it in the name of art. All I'm trying to say is, careful tossing rocks while your hanging out in a glass house....

Posted by: John Campbell at May 6, 2005 09:34 AM

Emily and John,

I'm sorry you don't understand where I'm coming from, to the depths of my entire being I am. But regardless I will continue to post because I care. I care a lot that you both still do not know what is going on in the world despite all of the evidence that is available to see now and throughout the history of this country. Emily I have given you evidence time and again on this site, lots of which neither yourself or Dee attempted to argue. How should I take that? You both will probably never appreciate what a deed I do for you both by expressing my views. I feel better about my life knowing I try.

Emily like I've said before, there are millions of people here and all over the world that are terrified over the decisions of this administration. Isn't it interesting how religious people like yourselves are the main people who support an international policy that is having a negative effect on people of another religious belief? Isn't it possible that people who aren't faith based could have a perspective on what's happening worth considering? Couldn't you see how people who are not religious might find it a little uneasy having a president discussing other countries as being divided between good and evil? Or that god backs all of his decisions? Or that he can seriously say there are no legitimate issues these people have with us? We don't all believe what you two do and that is why we should not have a president who makes his relationship with god a central aspect of his presidency.

Now in regards to hip-hop music (be aware of who took the discussion in this direction away from the photoshop painting). First of all Emily, I know you have never lived for a long time in an environment other then church going, Christian faith based people(EU tours don't count). Unlike myself, who grew up around all sorts of people of all different classes and backgrounds. You don't have the slightest understanding of me and my relation to music nor do you have an understanding of young men and women's relationship to hip hop. I'm an MC, Nas and Eminem are talented vocalists who i can appreciate, that has nothing to do with my opinion on the rap industry or my opinion of Nas and Eminem's "lyrics" or personal relationship with the rap game. I hate what "mainstream" hip/hop has become, and that is all that both of you know about hip hop. Mainstream. John you probably couldn't name five MC's yet you're fine with judging the genre. The only alternative MC Emily knows about is Immortal Technique and I know she can't say anything about him using terms for women that are negative. There are loads and loads of positive MC's out there, they don't all get radio play however. Hmmm wonder what that says about the rich white executives who decide what is played on the radio. Be careful both of you not to talk out of ignorance about a very complex and different culture then what you know. I only understand it to the degree that I can as a privileged white person who had a lot of non white friends. Hip Hop comes from an oppressed and exploited background and history that uses language and expression differently and at times more negatively then others.

For now the last thing I want to say is John, you're absolutely 100% right, you can't get a president who pleases everybody, but I CAN expect a president that doesn't lie again and again (clinton included btw), doesn't pollute the environment (clear skies act, read the fine print), doesn't invade other countries without support, without a plan. Doesn't put all the money in the hands of rich people and outsource jobs when all economic experts of any respectable caliber agree taxing the upper-class and controlling corporate outsourcing is vital to a stable economy (especially during war time), doesn't cut health care, or social services, or HIV research, or has ties with major oil contracting, timber and stock firms that all have inditements against them for financial fraud. Believe me John I know, democrats are just as in the pockets. My problem John is that the companies that republicans are in the pocket of require the exploitation of the middle east for profit. I recommend that at some point you both together watch The Corporation, a documentary which I believe both of you will find very interesting. Until then take care both you, know the place I come from is genuine, and like or not, self examined time and time again. I'm sorry this is a long post I wanted to respond to both of you.


Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at May 6, 2005 06:03 PM


As you don’t like to be told how to believe, and what to believe, don’t tell me that I couldn’t name 5 MCs, or challenge my knowledge on this music. Do not also begin to think you know my musical tastes, knowledge of genres, etc. I don’t make a habit of placing judgment at all. Mine was merely an observation of the current trend in hip-hop. Will Smith even stated it wasn’t necessary to use the language and demeaning comments toward women in this music. My view on the genre is based on this:

My nephews grew up in a bad part of town, not the best place to raise a family. My nephews’ music, is hip-hop. So from that stand point, dude, yes I can name 5 MCs. You forget I'm 8 years older than you, I remember the genre as it evolved. And I watched what type of friends my nephews choose, hung out with them, talked with them and watched how their company, and music changed their attitudes toward their parents and others. Now, I am NOT saying that the music is completely to blame for this at all. But, I do know that your environment and what you watch and listen to has a direct effect on how you act and hold yourself. I play the way I play, because of the music I listen to. And it’s on purpose, cause I want to emulate these artists I enjoy. And you listening to your music, and having it influence you is also right on. My statement is again this; the content of some of the artists is NOT edifying or respectful of women, the act of sex, or other people in general. And it just so happens that hip-hop is at the forefront of these attitudes. In the 80s, it was the big hair bands that were not constructive. My nephew and I have had many talks about this, and even he agrees that it’s true. It doesn’t mean that he stops listening to the music. It just means he is aware that some of the content, some of the viewpoints are things he shouldn’t necessarily back 100%. Just like I don’t back artist I like 100% in their actions, or all of the lyrical content. I listen, and own 100s of CDs from EVERY type of music. I don’t agree with all of them, and the ones I don’t agree with I don’t praise or defend. Like you want me to see problems with our leader and country, I ask you to see what I'm talking about in hip-hop. You say not to judge, and then you tell me I can’t name any artists from this era? Rocks, glass houses again man.

As for our country, and its current state, etc. Corporation, issues, etc. I challenge you to try and get away from any corporation on the planet....the starbucks you buy everyday, what is that? Short of living on a commune and planting your own food, it’s impossible. Also, the state of our country, like EVERY other country is and has been for a while not good. I liken it to this. Live in a small town, feel safe, no murder no crime; life is a bubble of safe. Move some place with millions of people, the situation for unrest and crime and social issues goes way, way up. It’s just the nature of people. So, multiply that by a country, and you have this world we live in. I am not ignorant to what is going on. Cause, its always been going on. You don’t dig Pres Bush, that fine. I don’t agree with everything he does either. BUT, I would rather have a God fearing man in the Whitehouse, than one that makes a joke out of the office with a cigar and an intern. Yes, Emily and I wont see where your coming from because of a large gap having to do with our beliefs in God. For me personally, it’s much larger than this country, or war, or this president. For me it has to do with how I live MY life, and what I choose to do with the talents and situations God has blessed me with. Basically, all I want for all of us, just the 3 of us here is this. To respect the others view point, and agree to disagree on issues. Not to judge one another if we don’t agree with each other. Have debates and conversations, where the other persons viewpoint is validated with respect, and we all try to see it form the others point of view. With that attitude, we can all get along, be friends, and have friendships that aren’t shaken by difference in beliefs. You saw the Passion Of The Christ. Zach, my whole thing is this. Is not about music, America, or whats going on. It’s about one man that gave His life for all of us, I believe in that man and I have a relationship with Him. Sorry about my long post, it started off shorter……

Posted by: John Campbell at May 6, 2005 09:52 PM

Dear Zach,

For future reference, please do not pretend that you know my background or childhood. You only know a small part of who I am. That is, in part, because I have had a very big life and it would take a very long time to tell you all about it. I don't go around bragging about how many black people I know because that's ridiculous. This isn't a pissing game. My friends, as yours are, aren't tokens to me. I'm not going to prove to you that I've grown up in numerous situations, been to numerous parts of the country and world and have met thousands of people along the way. I don't care for your pretentious statement about my "growing up in the church."

One of the reasons I don't care to divulge to much to someone like you, my dear Zach, is because you mock people and their beliefs. I find it better to converse with someone who genuinely is interested in understanding where I come from and why my beliefs are not only age old, but they've withstood the test of time.

I have a very busy life in which I help a lot of people. I don't brag about it because it's a part of who I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thus, because of my busy life, I don't have time to sit around, read lefty websites and complain about the current state of affairs in our world. If I see a problem, I figure out how I can be a part of the solution, and I do so. Hence, why I've gone to third world countries to help build houses, hence why my Christian denomination has given $1.5 Million to the Tsunami victims, 10% of which my church alone is responsible for. I'd like to see you take all your negative energy and do something positive. Why aren't you at homeless shelters all day? Why not work for Habitat for Humanity? Go out and plant trees! Do something instead of spewing so much vitriol toward not only my party but the only other operating party in the U.S. I hate whiners, so I would encourage you not to be one.

Oh, and being a "political lyricist" doesn't count, my friend. That's just complaining set to a rhythm.

One other thing in regards to Hip Hop. There is no other style or genre of music that is so filled with violence, masochism and chauvanism as rap. None. Nor do you find artists in any other genre killing each other. Certainly you don't see this in the superior musical forms such as classical or jazz and you don't hear about Paul Simon trying to kill Elton John or anything. The Hip Hop style of music, right now, is the only style of music that promotes horrible treatment of women, violence, the love of money, disrespect for authority, all the while totally managing to remain totally inarticulate and for the most part so musically base, it's almost laughable. There. Now you have a more developed reason why I cannot stand that style of music, if you can even call it that.

Now, as I've mentioned before this post is not what my original post was about, and this website isn't a chat room. So, I'm going to delete any more posts that don't address what I originally wrote about. I just wanted to respond to most of your concerns.

Posted by: Emily at May 9, 2005 12:06 AM