Just Great

I had a feeling things would turn out this way. Apparently, the upcoming movie Kingdom of Heaven has been rewritten to appease Muslim groups. CAIR, which is a disgusting organization, now feels the movie is "balanced." Well, you can count my money out. There's no way I'm spending a dime on a movie that CAIR thinks is a positive portrayal of Muslims. What about making a movie that features...I don't know....the TRUTH!! Muslims started the Crusades, Christians retaliated (wrongly, of course), but the movie is supposedly pro-Muslim, making them to be a gracious people, and it's anti-religion for the 50-some-odd-million who voted for Kerry.

Critics have speculated that if this movie tanks, it will be the end of the epic era for some time. I would agree. I think the American people are getting tired of these pompous, self-absorbed, self-eggrandizing rewrites of history. Troy, King Arthur, The Alamo, and Alexander all flopped because arrogant writers and directors somehow thought they could improve on the original story. As if anyone in our era could ever write anything close to Homer's Illiad! LOL. But they think they can. Directors don't get it. We're not shelling out the money because we have "bad taste" and don't like their movies. On the contrary, we have good taste and prefer you leave stories as they are.

All that to say, Epic Movies, RIP. We'll see you again someday when people care more for the truth than appeasing American hating groups. It may be a while.

Posted by Portia at May 2, 2005 10:57 AM

What's wrong with having a film come out that gives an alternate perspective on the muslim/christian relationship. Was passion of the Christ not a pro Christian movie? The truth is the muslim people have been oppressed by imperialism for centuries, know anything about the history of the Ottoman empire? It was divided by the west to create the instability and suffering that exists now between rival incredibly unstable factions for the purpose of exploitation. People are killed everywhere in the name of not only Christianity but many religions including Judiasm and Muslim ideology. I for one hope more movies are made to expose the horrors of religious finatics.

Posted by: Zach Kern-Schnall at May 4, 2005 05:02 PM