Quick Music Review

There are a few artists that I thought I might tip my hat to in this post. I am not reviewing any bad cds, so rest assured, you can spend your hard earned money on all of these and receive great satisfaction from a great purchase.

Peter_cincottiPeter Cincotti (pronounced Sin-Kawtee). I'm sure the comparison has been made before, but I'm fairly certain we have another Harry Connick, Jr. on our hands. This young man (he's only 21) is truly incredible. His vocal stylings aren't sultry and scratchy like a Michael Buble. They're more light hearted like, say, well, Harry. He writes much of his own music, plays piano like most 30 somethings only can and apparently puts on a great show. Keep your eye on this one. Like I said, he's seeming to mirror Harry in more ways than one. (Harry also sky rocketed to fame in his early twenties.)  I would get his cds as soon as possible. They are On the Moon (2004) and Peter Cincotti (2003).

Copeland_cd_1Copeland. I first heard them when they opened for Switchfoot last spring. They're a great band with good melody lines and air tight harmony. If you like bands like Keene, Coldplay and other emotional rock bands, you'll like them. They're easy to listen to and their songs will get stuck in your head for quite some time, but you won't mind because they're good.

And now to recommend you to a band you  might never have heard of.

The band: Goldspot. The CD: Tally of the Yes Men. My good friend Derek Horst is their lead guitarist. This band is good, and I'm not saying that out of some vested interest. The lead singer/song writer, Sid, is extremely talented. He writes very catchy tunes, good hooks, good melody lines, and they put on a good show.  The music is similar to songs by The Killers, The Beatles, and other slightly laid back rock bands. It's not a "make your ears bleed" album by any means. Like I said, it's more Beatles-esque if anything.  The songs "Rewind" and "Friday" are destined to be their first hit singles. You'll enjoy them. Their album is available on iTunes.  I'm working on getting a picture of their cd. They're on myspace.com if you want to check them out there.  Tell them Emily sent you. :)

Posted by Portia at May 5, 2005 11:59 AM