Late Night TV

If you aren't on the East Coast or in the Mid West (sorry I didn't get to you in time guys), watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I just came back from a taping of the show. The guests are Matt LeBlanc ("Joey") and Ann Coulter.

My friend Nick (see archives: Feb 2004-May 2004 for more info) and his girlfriend Shawna were nice enough to invite me to the taping knowing that I love Ann and that I sacrificed my Ann Coulter Action Figure for Nick and his battalion (again, see archives). We went hoping that we could give Ann some pictures we had of her doll in Iraq, but alas, that opportunity never came. However, it was a fun show to be at. They apparently thought we were so incredibly good looking they had to put us dead center in the front row. So, I'm the blonde directly in front of Jay during his monologue and interviews. I had so much fun. I made eye contact with him and the guests several times. It was weird that they were not more than 8 feet in front of me.  Enough of the shallow details.

All that to say, watch the Tonight Show and look for the blonde in the khaki jacket in the front row if you can see her. I turned to my good friend Autumn and told her we should cherish these moments because in 20 years, ain't no way they'll be stickin us in the front row. :)

Posted by Portia at May 10, 2005 10:54 PM

Hey, sorry, I missed the Big Show. Did anyone you know Tivo it? Maybe they could grab a frame of you, and you could post it here. But you're absolutely right, you should cherish the moment: no way would they let me sit in the front row. That's reserved for the hotties, and the Special Ones. Regards.

Posted by: Muzzy at May 12, 2005 07:44 AM

Thanks Muzzy! No one was able to Tivo it, but even if they had, you'd get a glorious glimpse of...drum roll, please...the back of my head. lol. You can see my arms flailing about(as per their enthusiastic instruction) before Jay as he enters the set. Then I sit down and end my 1.6 seconds of follicle fame. But I will cherish those moments. :)

Posted by: Emily at May 12, 2005 11:38 PM