Rathergate, Part Deux

Whoever said the media isn't biased is...well, liberal. Here's another disgusting story about the slanted media, known as Newsweek,  reporting anti-American, anti-troops garbage. Only this time, it caused riots and the death of 17 people. But they're "weally sowwy," so I guess we should just rub their heads, roll our eyes and say (sympathetically), "Awww, you crazy media men...just don't let it happen again okay? Wittle soldiers in the Middle East don't like being shot at by weally bad and very misinformed men. Okay? Alright...better luck next time."

Basically, for those of you who I know won't read the article :), Newsweek reported that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran in Guantanamo Bay. But the big problem is that it never happened. Yeah, oops! There should be criminal charges brought against the writers, editors, copy editors and researchers. They are responsible for the riots and death of those who would otherwise be alive if it weren't for flagrantly irresponsible and plain foolish "reporting."

Blogizdat posts the Cox & Forkum comic on the subject. Right Thinking Girl posts about it with the "clarification." Not retraction; that would be to...umm...honest.  See also Drudge's homepage for some classy, time honored American flag burning.

Posted by Portia at May 15, 2005 10:14 PM

hey there, one of them RTG readers here...and I think you are totally missing out on who's really responsible here...George W. Bush.

Yes! it's all his fault! why, even if the actual documents are false, the story is still true. we should go after him, as he obviously had Karl Rove to come and set the whole plan up so that Bush could appoint his Evil Conservative Evil Judges with their Evil.

you got the 'Evil' part, right? Evil.

Posted by: MacStansbury at May 15, 2005 10:36 PM

This story about flushing the Karan down the toilet was verified by the Pentagon in an official southgate report and defended by Gen. Tommy Franks who said "The riots in Afghanistan were not likely to be the result of Newsweeks article but rather part of shifting policies enacted by Zakarwae and other Afghanistan officials." Comeon people we know that our troops are abusing prisoners, there have been dozens of reports of prisoner abuses by our troops, this story seems the most believeable out of all of them. The white house put the pressure on Newsweek and they recanted the article, end of story. Is that not more likely then a credible news magazine just makeing up a story about prisoner abuse when there are other verified abuse stories coming out all the time?

Use logic, if this is anything it's evidence that conservatives are in complete control of the media and what it can and/or can not publish. Have we seen any major news networks attacking the Bush administration for their failed Iraq policies? Or criticizing this adminstration for holding a farse election where a huge portion of the country didn't participate? Nope. Only pro military pro America reporting. In fact statisticly conservatives dominate radio, literary and television news commentaries. O'reiley, Hannity, Colter, Limbaugh. I don't know where this liberal media myth comes from but I'm ready to see one major news organization that isn't slanted in the interests of capitalism and this adminstration. Fox is the most widely watched news channel in the world and it's run by a long time supporter of the republican party and every one of there commentaries is conservative in ideology and contains one exposed right wing lie after another.

Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at May 17, 2005 02:47 PM

Newsweek recanted because their story DID NOT check out. It was a farse, and they're upset not because it isn't true, but because they know it's not. You cannot prove the "White House pressured them." Thanks for the conspiracy theory though. Nice try.

If you want to talk statistics, this war has had the fewest amounts of complaints against the troops in our history. And that's just complaints, not verified cases of abuse. Prisoner abuse isn't going on everywhere. That's a ridiculous generalization that you cannot prove. And what little abuse we have had is nothing compared to what the sick freaks we captured did to other people.

Stop posting just because you like to get a reaction from people. Get your facts straight. Get some facts, to begin with. Stop spouting hatred toward the right wing. It is ALL unfounded and completely immature. I would never have time to address all the nonsense you post, so I'd appreciate it if you'd be clear, logical and supported, if possible.


Posted by: Emily at May 17, 2005 02:54 PM

"Have we seen any major news networks attacking the Bush administration for their failed policies in Iraq?"

Are you joking or can you not read? To name a handful MSM that publish anti-war, anti-Bush: LA Times, NY Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, SF Times, USA Today, and anything out of Berkley. CBS' 60 minutes is extremely anti-war, anti-Bush.

BTW, "literary and television news commentaries" do NOT qualify as news. Operative word: commentary. You overlooked liberal Bush-hating Andy Rooney in this category.

Posted by: Parviz at May 17, 2005 10:41 PM

I post because I do my research as do many others who know what's actually going on. Which is the first stages of a civil war in Iraq. Don't flatter yourself, the only reason I post on this website is because I know how mistaken your camp is. Facts? The only facts that go on this website are mine and Ziggy's which nobody here ever even atempts to argue. How about the fact that this was a confirmed south gate pentagon story only later retracted after white house intervention? is that not a fact? Is it not a fact all of the relationships that I point out between this adminsitration and coportate c.e.o.'s? Yes they are facts. what is the matter with you guys? For your information there are widespread reports of abuse, and this administration has already admitted selling pre packaged news to fox and other organizations. In regards to hatred the only hatred I ever hear is from this website aimed at Islam by posting jokes about us bombing them. I do know facts, I give them to you all the time, I read, liberal and conservative material. I talk to people of all different politicol backgrounds. It's funny hearing you even mention the word maturity, considering it was you who just took it to a personal level. I don't remember insulting you in my post. Just citing evidence which you didn't address. Stop reading Ann Coulter her disrespect is rubbing off on you.

Posted by: Zachary Kern-Schnall at May 17, 2005 11:47 PM

No Zach, it was you (and yours) who first insulted and disrespected my mother, and that's where I drew the lines of "maturity." You don't do research, at least not what would qualify as research in the real world.

Hard fact: it was the bloggers who called Newsweek out on their story. Newsweek hasn't revealed its sources except to say that "someone in the Pentagon" told them. Yeah, real evidence boys. And when has the media ever listened to requests from the white house? Read the press briefing link I posted. That's actual evidence, not me making anything up.

You are hateful toward the right side of life. I think any and all who read your posts would attest to it. I hate what radical Muslims do and I hate that moderate Muslims do nothing about it. My hatred is very directed and there are reasons for it. I don't see the same on your side. You go with the shotgun affect hatred. Anyone remotely right wing should get out of your way.

Bottom line: if you had evidence, I'd address it. But you post your opinions and conspiracy theories. I would know Zach, I got my major in comm studies. I know all the hat tricks.

Here, argue with this one:

Posted by: Emily at May 18, 2005 09:01 AM