Can anyone even stomach this man's hypocrisy? Ick. Enough of the "condemnations" after innocents have been slaughtered. My favorite part is that they had to vote to condemn the attacks. LOL. What a waste of space, the U.N.  Here's a novel idea...how about taking preventative measures to protect innocent, Western civilians?! I seem to recall one leader with the guts enough to do so.

When will the U.N. learn that no one cares what it thinks because it doesn't care about anyone but itself anyway? Enough is Enough. Annan, why don't you answer some questions about the Oil-for-Food scandal before you start waxing poetic about the "attacks on humanity?" 

In the meantime, we stand in solidarity with you Great Britain.

Posted by Portia at July 7, 2005 01:41 PM

actually, I can think of a couple of guys that haven't ever wavered from their positions. I think that the Bush/Blair legacy will be of two leaders who did the right thing in the face of incredible opposition from the so-called "caring" leaders of their countries.

they are both proving their mettle as the best the world has to offer right now.

Posted by: MacStansbury at July 7, 2005 09:05 PM