O Happy Day

Today is a happy day, well, really it was yesterday that I got this news, but that's beside the point. Today is still a happy day. My good friend Joe Wainer informed me that he finally has a blog! Yea!! It's about time Broseph.

Just a little history behind the man. I first met Joe somewhere around 3 1/2 years ago when we were both working at a seminary our founding pastor began. I was the administrative assistant to the President and CFO; Joe was the assistant to the Dean of Students and other titles I can't remember. We were fast friends. At the time, Joe was engaged and in a long distance relationship (He and his now lovely wife Liz hail from Florida. He left; she stayed.) and I was anxious to meet his fiancee, especially after learning that we shared the same birthday. (More birthday memories here.)

After the two got married, they returned to SoCal to start their life together. Liz left all of her friends and family in Fla, so I made it a point to befriend her as I could only imagine how that must have been. She quickly became one of my favorite people, and remains one of my closest, most cherished friends.

To sum up, Joe and Liz are excellent people. They both have such a heart to see those in their college years and the upcoming generations lead with the courage and conviction we've seen and read about in our predecessors. They are currently the college pastors at our church. In addition, Joe has had the opportunity to travel with some amazing evangelistic ministries and details his trips on his blog. This is a man you want to know. He will most certainly be among the movers and shakers that helped shape a growing generation, both here and abroad. I am lucky to know him and his wife and count them a tremendous blessing and gift to my life and my family's life. (My parents have adopted them as their Floridian children.)

I highly recommend his blog. It's a baby blog. He's only had it but a week. Let's welcome them into the happy blogging family that is...um...us. I'm sure you'll soon grow to love them as I have.

Posted by Portia at July 19, 2005 01:01 PM