War of the Words

Mike at Captoe has quite a different review of The Thinking Toolbox. :)

Here are some other Mind & Media reviwers' take on the book:

Cross Blogging

Mommy Brain

After Progress

Stand Up and Walk

Tapscott's Copy Desk

The Acton Institute's PowerBlog (This is an excellent, in depth critique of the text. But what else would one expect from The Acton Institute? :)

Lexical Light (This is a preview, not a review. Just FYI)

Richard Williams offers a harsh criticism regarding several problems he sees in the book. My only criticism of Mr. Williams: Why on earth are you using LiveJournal? Ick. :)

One last thing I failed to mention in my review. I am, in no way, compensated for reviewing these books. We are given free books by the publishers (through Mind & Media) and are allowed to air whatever criticism we might have. That's it.

Posted by Portia at July 22, 2005 02:19 PM