The Enemy Within

Oh, I fully missed another mark! I didn't read that IRA article all through before I posted about it. There's an even crazier person quoted at the end! (Scroll to the very bottom and enjoy.) Oh, this is great.

It's classic liberal dogma: sympathy for the murderer, not the murdered. Norman Geras, a brilliant professor at the University of Manchester, has written an article on the obsession the left has with "root causes," provided they're approved root causes. The Guardian, to my surprise, actually published it last week. In it, he says,

It needs to be seen and said clearly: there are, among us, apologists for what the killers do. They make more difficult the fight to defeat them. The plea will be - it always is - that these are not apologists, they are merely honest Joes and Joanies endeavouring to understand the world in which we live. What could be wrong with that? What indeed? Nothing is wrong with genuine efforts at understanding; on these we all depend. But the genuine article is one thing, and root-causes advocacy seeking to dissipate responsibility for atrocity, mass murder, crime against humanity, especially in the immediate aftermath of their occurrence, is something else.

This is a must read article. The longer version is published on his blog. This is a great piece. The Guardian must have fallen asleep when they let this one pass. He even knocks them in the first paragraph. Do you see how many links I'm giving you?...hint, it!! :)

He is exactly right. I've seen this sort of thing first hand on many occassions. The day after 9/11, in one of my ridiculous leftist exercises called a college class, my lesbian, liberal, American-hating professor came in flanked with papers and a slideshow chronicling her take on why we deserved to be bombed. My class, liberals and conservatives alike, was horrified. Girls started crying and the young men challenged her complete lack of respect for the deceased. I raised my hand and let her have a piece of my mind. I was shaking and choking back tears out of complete astonishment and horror. That was shocking. It isn't anymore. I'm not sure what is worse.

So, read the article in The Guardian or on his blog. See? Two more excuses people.

Posted by Portia at July 28, 2005 09:10 AM

Interesting posts, Portia. You have been a busy lady. I visited Normblog and found Mr. Geras' writing especially cogent and persuasive.
I am sorry you were subject to such disrespect (and blatant anti-American propaganda) at school after 9-11. But, I admire your moxie for speaking up.
I also appreciated Why Liberals Are Misguided and War of the Words.
I look forward to more.

Posted by: ljmcinnis at July 28, 2005 08:58 PM