A Call for Help

Calling Hurricane Katrina's aftermath devastating seems somewhat trivial. It is estimated that over 3 million people do not have power right now, hundreds are thought dead, thousands upon thousands are displaced and homeless, and countless more are at risk of infection or death due to disease from the water. New Orleans is one of our country's most beautiful and historic cities; this is so upsetting.

Texas has agreed to house as many as they can in the Astrodome. God bless Texas. Charities are rushing to the rescue. Among the best are Feed the Children, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and LIFE Outreach. Even the smallest of donations are helpful as that could fund the cost of shipping emergency and other necessary items. I've given money to Feed the Children and The Salvation Army. More will come out of my next paycheck to other effective charities. They need all the help they can get.

This catastrophe has not been without moronic, hate filled partisanship, however. Continuing the legacy of drunken folly, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has made the most preposterous statements that have no bearing in reality whatsoever, simply to 1. be in the public eye, and 2. get his "Bush/Republicans are evil" daily jab in there. It's nonsense. And one such columnists has the guts to call Kennedy out on his foolishness.

On a completely self-centered note, I'm really glad it wasn't Hurricane Emily that did all this damage. I feel for girls named Katrina.

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Mother Nature can be a beast. We can only pray that Father God stills her effects and eases the suffering of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.


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