Would You Say I Have A Plethora?

It is very seldom that I come across an article that is truly enjoyable, especially if that article is about anything related to Hollywood. However, I've just finished reading an article on Gwyneth Paltrow by Rick Groen entitled, "Proof of Blonde Cognition." I clicked on it from Drudge because the headline quoted her as saying "I don't want to live in America." My political curiosity was the only reason for venturing into LaLaland. I love good writing and I loved this article. The author has a great sense of humor and the English language. How could anyone go wrong possessing those qualities? :) He managed to take a subject as shallow as a movie and turn it into a very thoughtful and funny piece. One that I insist must be shared with you.

Other thoughts on current affairs:

I'm really enjoying the senate hearings with Judge Roberts. I've not been able to listen to or read much, but from what I have read, Roberts is a very impressive man. He's been able to respond to prattling senators without prepared notes or notes at all. He's quite candid but keeps his own counsel when he finds it necessary. He's quite a nuisance in terms of politics. I'm sure he's driving a great number of Democrats batty by refraining from fully answering their loaded and often irresponsible and intellectually dishonest questions on issues like abortion. I'm impressed with him without knowing too much. My ignorance, however, will soon be remedied. Just not this week.

Louis Farrakhan reportedly said that the levees in New Orleans were blown up so that black people would die and rich, white people would escape to the hills. lol. This man is a joke. I'll take Jesse Jackson any day over this fruitcake. Does it strike anyone else as odd or even funny that black activists are obsessed with a strange affiliation between white people and hills? I find it very mysterious. What's it's "root cause?" Are the activists speaking out of an irrational and subconscious fear of heights? Why is this association so commonly mentioned by them? I find it all really amusing. A bit sad, but mostly amusing.

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