"Stretch" is an Understatement

Some people will do anything to speak  negatively of, find fault and condemn another person. The lengths people go to to do so to President Bush ever astounds me. Emotional thinkers, if there ever was such a paradox, are some of the most unreasonable, illogical and often mean people you'll find. They're at it again, with our favorite mom, Cindy Sheehan at the forefront.

When it comes to public policy, I'm not an "if you don't have anything nice to say..." girl, but I am an "if you're incapable of contributing intelligent, reasoned evidence to a conversation, do us all a favor and lock yourself in your closet" type girl. That goes for liberals and everyone else who follows the same m.o.

My view of God as merciful is always expanded in situations such as these. For only a merciful God would allow such nonsense from His own creatures. I'd have smoted them a long, long time ago. :) Disclaimer: "smoted" is not a word and is used solely as an inside joke. I don't want any OCD proofreaders commenting on that one.

Posted by Portia at September 19, 2005 05:40 PM | TrackBack