Quote of the Day

Whoever said you can't learn anything from television wasn't watching Law & Order. An episode dealing with the death penalty saw Claire (Jill Henessy) struggling with her conviction that "killing is wrong. Period." (I would have engaged in a serious argument with the sister after a statement like that.) She discussed the issue further with a former law professor of hers when he finally confronted her motivation for watching a lethal injection execution. He accused her of being self-righteous. She said she simply had convictions. Here follows the brilliant interchange:

Claire: Since when is having convictions a character flaw?!

Professor: When it turns into self-congratulatory depression!

Amen, sir!! And that is my quote of the day for liberals who watch from ivory towers and wallow in their contrived suffering over the plight of the American people and the world care of the Bush Administration.

Posted by Portia at September 21, 2005 04:43 PM | TrackBack