The Second Ring of Hell

I awoke this morning to the sounds of sirens and that sound hasn't quit. It's hard to find up-to-the-minute news on the internet regarding the fires, but apparently it had doubled in size and is making its way to the Pacific Ocean. This is insane. All I care about is my friend's home. I hope to God it's okay.

Pray the winds die down. They're the kind of strong winds that you can hear howling outside your window. I have no idea how many firemen are working on this. Last I heard they added 500 more. I don't know if that means there are 1,200 now, but I'm sure it's somewhere around that number.

The worst part of the whole thing is that the fire departments knew and had warned the city that these fires would happen because of all the growth that came from our earlier rains. Gotta love the flippin environmentalists who won't let anything be done about the situation. Two years ago, when the fires all over Southern California scorched thousands of homes, it was the environmentalists' fault. You'd think we would have learned from that situation and not have allowed them to control our policies that affect thousands of lives. But no, this is Los Angeles, where ideas rule over people.

Please pray for the people in the town just next of me. I've not been outside today, but I'm sure the flames that looked like hell yesterday have only become more sinister.

Update: I've found recent photographs of the fires on this website, if you're interested.

Posted by Portia at September 29, 2005 08:37 AM | TrackBack