Portia's Prowess

As I sit here, in front of my cozy computer, feeling better than I have for weeks, I was taken back by something Portia said tonight to me:

I do love this place...it is beautiful...and tragic

But you wouldn't believe the unity among the churches and how God has provided for them every step of the way, down to the wire....it's amazing to me. His care for these people is evident

They are a strong people, but not perfect. It's really a small thing to try to spend a few minutes describing the monumental task the are accomplishing there. But, they are still human. In the comments of yesterday's report, Dee said:

She text messaged us (her parents) this morning; she was on an insulation team--when they got to the house, it had been broken into and thirty rolls of insulation were stolen. Really sad that someone would do that. The team then went to another house where they are mudding and sanding drywall.

She continually is amazed and inspired by the people of Mississippi.

She texted me this morning, telling me that she was a better at mudding and sanding walls than some of the men. Figures that she would have some ability with mud, as much as she slings at me all the time. (Editor's note: while John wants to let it be known that this is a joke, it's also mildly true. Back to being serious, now.)

Tomorrow they are driving to New Orleans, and she's got the camera at the ready. Strangely, she'll be going to an area of less destruction, but more controversy. Portia is no fan of the Governor of Louisiana, or the extremely small trailers the FEMA people have.

She's tired, her back hurts, and she already has plans to come back. There's a reason women have babies.

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