This week's fashionably late Cotillion is up at Common Sense Runs Wild. And I'm linking to it. 'Cause Portia Rediscovered is in the Cotillion, and whatnot.

I'm linking to it, even though, as many of you may know, I'm a man. MacStansbury...not Portia. Maybe I should've said that first. You could've got that from the "Posted by MacStansbury" down at the bottom of this post, but I wanted to be clear.

See, the Cotillion is this group of really great, woman writers. Again, I'm not one of them, just rambling on my simple explanation. In fact, I'm not in the Cotillion twice!

But...enough of me. Go. Now.

Posted by Macabee at December 21, 2005 11:10 AM | TrackBack