This Is What a Lady Looks Like

I make no bones about liking smart women. More to the point, I like women who are smart, and have standards. And while that's cut me out of a lot of relationships, it's also kept me from getting into bad circumstances. I guess you could say, I have standards.

It's something that I've seen whittled away in America; those standards. It seems like if you have high moral standards, you're an outcast. While it seems to me to be backwards, I'm seeing it all over your culture.

Charmaine Yoest posts this story at National Review Online on this same thing. Somehow, "feminism" is more about sexual liberation than it is about empowerment.

It's a sad irony that a movement that was supposed to elevate the position of women in society so frequently devolves into vulgarity and an obsession with indiscriminate sexual access and experimentation. Being a feminist in this century has required signing on to the project of defining-down feminine virtue.

But there is an alternative vision: Women used to pride themselves in being ladies. The concept involved a whole lot more than just avoiding white shoes after Labor Day and sitting with your knees together.

I'm learning a lot about strong women, even as a card-carrying member of the International Society of Male Chauvinist Pigs. Charmaine goes on to give Lady Margaret Thatcher, one of the great leaders of our time, as an example of what the feminist ideal should be. But that doesn't fit in with the agenda.

Has anybody watched that Commander-in-Chiefette show? No? Might be because it's just another liberal fantasy of what a woman President (not named Condoleezza) would be.

Go read Charmaine Yoest National Review Online, and think about the true meaning of feminist.

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