Uncle Teddy

For those who haven't had the joy of listening or watching the Alito hearing (you're not missing much), I'll be posting some of the more interesting moments, starting with our favorite drunken democrat Teddy Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

More drunken mumbling.

Judge Alito, I join in welcoming you and your family to this committee.
Your wife's kinda cute...we should go driving.
I appreciated the opportunity to visit with you in my office a few weeks ago. And I was particularly impressed by your personal family story of how you were encouraged to do well and contribute to your community.
Something my family's been encouraging me to do for years...that contribution thing.
KENNEDY: And I also applaud your dedication to public service throughout your lifetime.

But my applause doesn't last long, bucko.

Supreme Court nominations are an occasion to pause and reflect on the values that make our nation strong, just and fair. [Second chances, like the one I miraculously got after I killed that woman.] And we must determine whether a nominee has a demonstrated commitment to those basic values.

Blah, blah, blah. Drunken mumbling. Blah, blah....

We now have the record of Judge Alito's 15 years on the bench and the benefit of some of his earlier writings that were not available 15 years ago. And I regret to say that the record troubles me deeply.

And that's saying a lot. Mostly the only thing that troubles me deeply these days is how soon my supply of Jack Daniels will run out.

In an era where the White House is abusing power, is excusing and authorizing torture and is spying on American citizens, I find Judge Alito's support for an all-powerful executive branch to be genuinely troubling.

Of course, I don't have any real evidence for these accusations, they just feel so good flowing from my whiskey stained mouth.

I recognize this is a departure from my usual serious tone when I chide Democrats, and it's really silly and possibly downright juvenile, but I just couldn't help it! They're driving me batty. Enjoy this post now, because when I run for some type of office or finally ride the coat tails of Maureen into fame, I'm deleting it. :)

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