Better Late Than Never

In honor of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday, I thought I might direct you to a few blogs that are doing a fantastic job of keeping him alive in word and deed. He truly was a tremendous and interesting man, basically revolutionizing Pennyslvania, with the first library, hospital and public electrical system. Not to mention the thousands of other contributions he made not only to our country, but also abroad. He was beloved by the French, as he was our ambassador to that nation for I believe 11 years. (But they also LOVE Jerry Lewis, so...)

To learn more and pay respect, visit these fantastic bloggers:

Mike at InedibleInk has a more colorful descriptioin of Jolly Ol' Ben.

MBMc (or Mike) at Port McClellan weighs in with a few recommendations for good reads on the man.

Other Columns on Franklin: (You can always count on the guys from The Weekly Standard to write wonderful articles on American landmarks.)

David Blankenhorn at The Weekly Standard writes "The American Apostle of Thrift: How We Used to Honor Benjamin Franklin"

Timothy Lehmann, also of The Weekly Standard variety, writes: "B. Franklin, Moralist: Printer, Patriot, Scientist, Inventor--and Philosopher. "

That seems about it for now. If you've got a good post on the subject, hit me up with a good trackback. Especially if you're a Cotillionette. I've noticed our blogroll was strangely devoid of Franklin posts. Lots of chocolate talk, however.

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