Moving On Up

Finally, Mississippi made the news. We hear about "Chocolate" New Orleans every other day, but Miss'ippi never makes the news since their governor and other elected officials are griping about our president and about how racist the rest of the world is.

Rebuilding is slowgoing, but apparently there are some interesting proposals before the state regarding town infrastructure, architecture and urban development.

Here's the "too little, too late" acknowledgement we've all been waiting for:

Katrina hit Aug. 29, and while much of the nation's attention focused on the tragedies in New Orleans, the devastation in Mississippi was sweeping. Fewer people died here, but the storm's fiercest winds and waters flattened the cities of Bay St. Louis, Waveland and Pass Christian. Devastation was tremendous farther east, too, in Biloxi, Gulfport and Ocean Springs.

Ironic that an AP writer would pen such words, as AP was one of the neglectful reporting agencies.

The best sentence in the whole article:

But leaders here are pushing for change, and quickly, hoping to jump-start Mississippi's rebuilding while arguments have left New Orleans hamstrung.

Thank you. Finally.

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