End of the Spear

Citizen Grim rocks the film review at MacStansbury.org (And RHOG, but why would I post that link?)

I rarely anticipate movies that I've never heard of, but after hearing part of the story of End of the Spear on Christian radio...I'm hooked. Had I known I was going to hear key points of this film, I would've shut off the radio. From IMDB:

"End of the Spear" is the story of Mincayani, a Waorani tribesman from the jungles of Ecuador. When five young missionaries, among them Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, are speared to death by the Waorani in 1956, a series of events unfold to change the lives of not only the slain missionaries' families, but also Mincayani and his people.

Unfortunately, there are no sheep-herders getting busy in Wyoming, so I don't see much hope for it at the Golden Globes. But it's a movie I'm going to search for a place near me to see it. Checking ye olde Rotten Tomatoes, apparently it's a crappy movie with too much religious talk. And not enough men kissing.

And, to be clear, I was hoping that it would have worse reviews, proving it's worthy of seeing. Guess what? It is. Go see this movie.

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Happy golden birthday!

Posted by: Dan L at January 24, 2006 10:14 PM

Happy birthday to Emily and "Portia".

"End of the Spear" is the dramatization of the story originally covered by the same people in the documentary "Beyond the Gates of Splendor." I heard of the documentary last fall and put it into my Netflix queue; I'm looking forward to getting it this week. I hadn't heard anything about "Spear" coming out so when I read the first review I thought, "this sounds familiar." Not surprised by the Rotten Tomatoes or even Screenit.com reviews. I'm sure others are much worse and more savage from certain quarters. "Missionaries" venturing into the darkest heart of Hollywood are likely to find their reception there on par with what the Waorani originally provided.

Posted by: Night Writer at January 25, 2006 11:14 AM