Update? What Update?

My apologies for the neglectful nature I've shown toward my blog in the last few days. I have a great many things to do before leaving for Mississippi in two days, not the least of which is meeting work deadlines, and finishing graduate applications. (agh!)

I'll have a post up tonight with links to posts about my last trip to Waveland, in case you did not have the joy of reading them. :)

To sum up: I'm thrilled about Alito, looking into Villaraigosa's proposal for LAUSD and writing what feels like one thousand entrance and scholarship essays. 'twill be a busy month for Portia.

I may have to take the CBEST and CSET tests in February/March as well. After having taken those, the GRE and the LSAT (twice), I might as well take the GMAT and MCAT just for kicks.

I hate standardized tests. Love tests that I can study for. Hate the others. Hours of sheer torture at the hands of beady eyed, cold-blooded proctors.

Posted by Portia at January 31, 2006 10:40 AM | TrackBack