Back on the Western Front

My team has safely arrived home, tired beyond description. We knew we were flying into Los Angeles when everyone on the plane looked like either Paris Hilton or like they belonged on "The O.C." Definitely culture shock.

I'm uploading pictures of our trip that I can't wait to share, but it might take some time. I'm happy to be home, looking forward to getting back some energy but anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to return to Waveland.

I do have to say that it was actually quite nice being away from all the news about Islamic horror over cartoons (How in the world did Albert Brooks make an entire film about humor in Islam?). The only talk of things outside of the chaos that surrounded Waveland was of the tragic accident that killed 7 children and resulted in their grandfather dying of a heart attack upon hearing the news. The people in the Gulf are solely focused on rebuilding and when that focus is broken, it's really only done so by stories of great human interest. They do care about their fellow Americans.

More to come later. I'm afraid that I would not make much sense if I tried to write at length about my trip.

Posted by Portia at February 10, 2006 10:52 AM | TrackBack