Graceful Exit

This makes me so sad. I'm a huge fan of the Olympics, minus most opening ceremonies (too flamboyant ). I do love the winter olympics, but I'm a summer olympic freak because I'm an aquatic fiend. I was a super competitive swimmer back in the day, and have had friends go to the trials and one teammate, Anthony Ervin, went on to win gold in the 50M free in Sydney. He tied with Gary Hall. That was an amazing race.

Anyhow, though my heart is in water sports, I've always been a big supporter of Michelle Kwan. I think she's a tremendous and incredibly graceful athlete, on and off the ice. I was so disappointed when they gave what was rightfully her gold to Tara Lipinski, or whatever her name was. Kwan has always conducted herself as a champion and I'm sad to see her unable to compete this year.

The article is a well written tribute to Kwan, and her statements say volumes about her character.

Posted by Portia at February 12, 2006 12:50 PM | TrackBack

I absolutely agree . . . she has been terrific and her departure demonstrates her character.

Cheers to MK.

Posted by: Larry at February 13, 2006 08:44 AM

I disagree, I think this whole episode if filled with a series of selfish acts on the part of Kwan, NBC, USOC, & the IOC. The way she conducted herself she made it clear the whole issue was really about her, not the spirit of the games. She had not competition was 11 months ago (where she finished 4th), she didn't go to Nationals and then petitioned to get in on the basis she was Michelle Kwan (with out having the deceny to tell the person (who earned their spot) she was pushing out what she was doing). Then no one knows what she did in her private training, hell given the attitude of the USOC all she really had to do was show the ability to tie her skates. Sorry, but the graceful thing to do was play by the rules, accept the fact she hadn't recovered from her injury and bow out gracefully...bu no she was intreseted in Michelle Kwan only and she proved it with these antics.

On a side not I've determined there are limited paths to the Olympics pretty much shooting stuff or curling.

Posted by: the Pirate at February 14, 2006 08:26 AM