This Can't Be Happening

I keep thinking, "This can't be real. This can't actually be happening."

President Bush is planning on permitting Arab owned companies tremendous access to six of our ports on the East Coast.

The nail in the coffin for this deal is that Jimmy Carter is fully behind it. This is insane. Jimmy "Arafat" Carter thinks this is a good idea! Jimmy! Jimmy Carter who gave us a lovely display of disrespect and cowardice by taking shots at the president (just a few feet from him, in fact) during a eulogy for Coretta Scott King not more than a few weeks ago. Jimmy Carter who thinks Palestinians are fully justified in blowing up innocent civilians at pizza parlors. Jimmy Carter who said Fahrenheit 911 was his favorite movie.

Better yet, Hillary is against it! I never thought I'd see the day where I took Hillary's side against a Bush initiative.

Thank God for Bill Frist who swears to halt the deal if the President decides to go through with it.

This cannot happen. We cannot sell out six of our major ports to businesses that belong to countries that hate us.

Post Script: This was a rant. I'm well aware that it's not quite in the works yet, nor would it entitle the Arab owned and operated companies to total control of the ports. Even still, this can't happen.

Also, I recognize that Hillary is positioning herself to garner support from the right. That woman doesn't have a sincere bone in her body, except she sincerely hates conservatives. So, I'm not so naive to think she doesn't have ulterior motives for this.

Posted by Portia at February 21, 2006 10:36 AM | TrackBack