Port Belly Spending...I got nuthin

So apparently this whole port thing is complicated. Who would've guessed?

The Blue State Conservative has a balanced post aimed at telling us to "simmer down now."

We aren't -- and will never -- turn over port security to a foreign company. The U.S. Coast Guard and the port authorities are still in charge of security as they were when the London-based company was running the six ports.

Even still, not sitting too well with me.

UPDATE: I've heard a handful of arguments not necessarily trying to rally enthusiasm, but rather to convince people that if we don't give moderate muslims (who have been supportive of the War on Terror) a chance, we're shooting ourselves in the foot. Dennis Prager cited times in which we sided with those we normally opposed but saw a greater good in allying ourselves with them to stop a growing threat.

I almost had an opportunity to travel to Dubai to conduct a communication seminar last year. I don't regret passing up that trip, but in many ways it would have been nice to get a slightly better feel for how they do business. I just felt it might be slightly hard to blend in there. The fly on the wall scenario was truly unrealistic, once thoroughly thought through.

I'm anxious to see how this all plays out.

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